Award season

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Awards awards awards. I love and loathe the award season. Why I love it is easy to explain, the shows, the dresses, the lights and the sparkle. Why do I loathe it? Now that’s one for a lengthy discussion. Being…


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Reel from Henrieta Haniskova on Vimeo.   It’s been a long time coming! And I am happy to have finally put this together. So much learning, so much fun! Motion here I come!

Project 365/ day 56 and 57

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Catching up again, all due to the flu! When you’re feeling so sick, you can barelly keep your eyes open, I think it’ safe to put personal blog projects on hold for a few days anyways! I have better pictures…

Project 365/ day 54 and 55

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I love the history I grew up with. The hundreds of years of peole’s past, the underground passages between the houses in my town, layers of paint, frescos hidden for decades. My grandmother’s old furniture and the paintings my grandfather…

project 365/day 52 and 53

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And this is where I grew up. Built in 1550 after a massive fire that destroyed the town, which was largely built out of wood. This was my home for about 15 years. The building to the right, is a…

Project 365/day 50 and 51

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I’m back to catching up! Sometimes life and work take over and blog has to wait. But here is a couple of shots from my home town. That was the first time I got to go home after 2 years…

Project 365/ day 49

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Lea, my Canadian mom and one of my best friends ever has her birthday today. I thought it would be fitting to post this on her big day! Isn’t she beautiful? I love the wrinkles on her nose when she…

Project 365/ day 48

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Two of my most favorite people in the World! My baby sisters. They had to be 17 or so in this photograph. I think I will forever carry the guilt of a bad older sister. Leaving them to their own…

Project 365/day 47

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This is my mom and two of her 6 younger siblings. This was on my first visit home after I left for Canada. THis was the first time I got to see them all in 2 years. I remember going…

Project 365/ day 46

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And then one day I got my working permit. Two years into my life in Canada, only having communicated with my family and friends through letters and rare phone calls. I finally got to go and see my family. This…