Piece of work!

By henrieta / July, 26, 2010 / 0 comments

So I got to shoot this biggish job a few weeks ago and I swear, there is someone coordinating things out there for me, because there is no way in Hell it would all work out so smoothly otherwise!

My shoot was on Wednesday and on the weekend before I got a lovely message from a friend of a friend of mine, whom I met all but once for a coffee! She was on a roll, but needed a good start and asked if I would take her on for a week! This girl is making her way through 8 different jobs in 8 weeks and boy, they could not be more different from each other! Among some of her jobs are photography assisting, making espresso, cutting meat and working in a yoga studio! Crazy! I love her blog and I love my new friend Amanda!

Amanda was a great company and a lot of help! She made a little video of us setting up and she even wrote a poem! Hahaha! The job went great and we celebrated with afternoon tea the very next day!

I must say, I had the best assistants on this job. Amanda and Zak helped me out with the set up and Amanda, Daniel and Paolo were making things happen on the day of the shoot! I love that energy of everyone pitching in to make things happen!

I have done my fair share of assisting and what people often don’t realize is, that all the schlepping and working long days is done out of passion and often, because an assistant is a photographer too!

So this is to all the great assistants out there!

These shots were done as test shots for my job and a couple of them are so much fun, I couldn’t just keep them on my hard drive and not let the world see them! And here is the proof that Amanda is a hair taller than Zak! Hmmhmm!

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