Project 365/ day 54 and 55

By henrieta / February, 28, 2013 / 1 comments

I love the history I grew up with. The hundreds of years of peole’s past, the underground passages between the houses in my town, layers of paint, frescos hidden for decades. My grandmother’s old furniture and the paintings my grandfather made. Names of places created in other languages, which relate to who at the time ruled the town. Royal seal, conspiracy, beheading swords, religious mecca. This all was a part of my world as I knew it once. Biggest ruin of a castle in Europe around the corner, small replica of the church in Lourdes, France. Even well on the top of a mountain. The single town in Europe with fully intact wall surrounding it still. Famous artist with unknown origin with a shop in town creating wood sculptures for all of the area as well as the largest gothic altar in the world all out of carved and painted wood, standing at 18.2 meters. Books written about the town and it’s families. I can keep going on, but I would just be bragging. That’s my home, my past, me.

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  • Guy Chouinard

    That’s it… I want to go! Nice details, nice tale!

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