Project 365/ day 56 and 57

By henrieta / March, 1, 2013 / 1 comments

Catching up again, all due to the flu! When you’re feeling so sick, you can barelly keep your eyes open, I think it’ safe to put personal blog projects on hold for a few days anyways!

I have better pictures of the city hall in Levoca, my hometown than this. But the cool thing about this one is that I shot it after living in Germany for a year and Canada for two. With a camera I bought with my first paycheque I earned while living in Canada. A dream I always had was to own a camera. I grew up in this amazing place and loved all the nooks and crannies. I wish I had the ability to photograph when I was little. I don’t want to brag, well maybe a little, but the place I come from is what you imagine when someone tells you a fairytale. An intriguing, deep, spectacular kind of a fairytale. You don’t need to believe me! UNESCO seems to think that Levoca is quite the place!

This is the city hall, rebuilt, relatively new renaissance kind of a building, in medieval times thought of as very modern. I love that! My predecessors were quite modern and in step with the time! It was a royal town after all with a lot of business going through it. First shopping mall? Yup, it had that too! How could you not grow up to be a dreamer when you come from a place like that? Art on every step, history in every stone. And look at this, this building is not anything special, just another building on the main square! I felt the need to capture it, even in bad weather to show to my friends in Canada, where I came from. I love it when people ask me with hesitation and uncertainty if they may be offending me by going there, about my childhood in socialist country. And I love telling them about how amazing it was! How much history we were steeped in and my school projects that related to what was around me and I learned even more about the history of my town than I thought was possible and fascinated my classmates and my teachers while at it. Our education and the depth of it. The Summer camps we went to at no cost to my parents. I loved that my parents didn’t have the stress of paying for our school books, dentist, healthcare. From the point of view of a child, there was no better life. And even when I experienced the revolution, I thought it was so incredible to see all these people in the streets fighting for something. I don’t think I was entirely sure what, I had never experienced any other reality, but the socialist kind before. But seeing people so passionate and excited about something felt right, we were making changes, big political changes. We questioned, we learned, we were hungry for knowledge. We weren’t some sheltered kids that only cared about their toys and tv shows! Maybe that was the biggest downfall of socialism, too much education for it’s citizens. So I got the long end of the stick, my parents not so much!

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  • Guy Chouinard

    Wow! Yu had already told me bits and pieces but now, with pictures, I just love your storytelling. Thank you for existing :)

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