Project 365/day 50 and 51

By henrieta / February, 22, 2013 / 1 comments

I’m back to catching up! Sometimes life and work take over and blog has to wait. But here is a couple of shots from my home town. That was the first time I got to go home after 2 years of waiting for a working permit in Canada.

The idea was that after two years of working as a nanny I would be able to apply and get a permanent resident status. Had anyone told me that I would have to wait for the working permit to begin with for two years and another five before I did become a permanent resident, I think I would have thought twice about committing seven years of my life to being a nanny, getting paid less than minimum wage for a majority of the time and not be able to focus on the things I knew I really wanted to do.

We used to live on the main square of a small town. The main landmark on the square is this incredible gothic church that has not stopped being renovated as long as I can remember. The tower has a bell that rings four times every hour. Sometimes you knew what time it was if you just listened, sometimes we’d step out onto our balcony and look at the clock to check the time. I love the sound of the church bells.

My house used to have one of these. Then we moved and someone stole the door handle. The keys were huge, medieval. Looking back it feels like I was growing up in some fairytale.

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  • Guy Chouinard

    Gorgeous! These are the first pictures of your hometown I’ve ever seen! Please, post some more. I love it! Kisses!

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